Southern California

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Tired of outdated HVAC systems struggling to keep pace with our diverse climate here in Southern California? Consider installing a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system, the cutting-edge technology transforming how large buildings achieve optimal comfort.

VRF systems go beyond simple heating and cooling, offering zone-specific climate control with unparalleled precision. Each room enjoys its ideal temperature, while you reap the benefits of whisper-quiet operation and exceptional energy efficiency.

At Commercial Cooling Center, we connect you to a network of Carrier dealers with the experience and expertise to design and install a customized system tailored to your building’s unique needs. Benefit from superior performance, seamless integration, and reliable comfort year-round.

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Packaged Units

Say goodbye to the complexities of managing separate heating and cooling systems for your Southern California building. We proudly offer Carrier’s commercial packaged units—the all-in-one solution for reliable climate control.

Commercial Cooling Center has licensed Carrier dealers to install, repair, and service the packaged unit in your building. These rooftop units seamlessly integrate heating and cooling technology in a single, weatherproof package, simplifying your HVAC needs and minimizing maintenance headaches.

Packaged units not only offer convenience but also guarantee unwavering performance. Their robust construction and advanced features ensure reliable heating and cooling, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

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Take control of your indoor climate and utility bills with intelligent HVAC controls from a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Your Southern California business demands an adaptable HVAC system. That’s where automation comes in, offering the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency for your commercial building.

You can trust Commercial Cooling Center to find you a licensed Carrier dealer to install, service, and repair your building’s controls. Not only will your employees and visitors appreciate the consistent comfort, but you’ll also see a significant reduction in energy waste, translating to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Call today for a free consultation.

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Applied Services

Reduce your Southern California energy bill without sacrificing comfort! Commercial Cooling Center connects you with nearby Carrier dealers that specialize in applied energy-efficient HVAC solutions for large commercial buildings and complexes. From variable speed motors and programmable thermostats to energy recovery ventilation systems, these technologies work quietly behind the scenes. Call today for a free consultation.

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Commercial Design/Build Services

Enjoy seamless project execution for your Southern California commercial venture, from vision to reality. Commercial Cooling Center partners with a network of experienced Carrier dealers who offer comprehensive commercial design build services that simplify your life.

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our skilled professionals handle everything from initial concept and design through construction and project completion. No need to juggle multiple contractors or fret about coordination—we take full responsibility for all aspects of your project. That includes electrical work, welding and fabrication, detailed technical drawings, and blueprints.

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Water-Source Heat Pumps

Elevate the comfort and efficiency of your Southern California building with a Carrier water source heat pump (WSHP). Commercial Cooling Center connects you with a nearby Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer for all your commercial heating and cooling solutions.

Embrace a greener future. You’ll not only reduce your carbon footprint but also lower your energy bills. Enjoy precise temperature control and consistent airflow throughout your entire building. No more hot spots or chilly corners, just year-round comfort that keeps everyone productive and happy.

Our Carrier dealers are WSHP specialists, providing seamless installation, expert maintenance, and ongoing support. Say goodbye to HVAC worries and focus on what truly matters – running your business.

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