ZS Remote Sensor.

ZS Remote Sensor

The Carrier ZS communicating remote sensor measures a remotely mounted 10K Type 2 thermistor from up to 50 feet away. It comes in an outdoor rated enclosure, making it very versatile and rugged. It connects directly to the dedicated sensor network (Rnet) of a Carrier i-Vu® controller. This communicating sensor network supports up to 15 ZS sensors through a single port, eliminating the need to consume multiple inputs on the controller.

The ZS remote sensor can be used in a variety of applications, but is most commonly used to:

  • Sense temperature in harsh environments;
  • Measure temperature in hard-to-reach areas, or locations where you can’t mount a standard ZS sensor;
  • Make a standard thermistor sensor part of the Rnet network;
  • Retrofit an existing thermistor sensor installation;
  • Enable a wall button sensor when a standard ZS room sensor can’t be used.