WeatherMaker® Single-Packaged Rooftop Units with EcoBlue™ Technology.

WeatherMaker® Single-Packaged Rooftop Units with EcoBlue™ Technology

High Efficient Heat Pump Units with Puron® (R-410A) Refrigerant

3 to 5 Nominal Tons

Patented, new EcoBlue™ Technology was designed to improve performance and efficiency while decreasing maintenance and installation costs. The industry’s first beltless direct-drive vane axial fan for rooftop units is just one of many technological advances that prove that not all rooftop units are created equal. Other enhancements include a new control board and coil technology, permanently lubricated motor bearings, tool-less filter access doors and more – all available on this multi efficiency offering.

Performance Features

  • Meets and exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency levels
  • New unit control board with intuitive quick fan speed adjustment
  • New direct drive – EcoBlue™ Technology indoor fan system uses Vane Axial fan design & electronically commutated motor
  • Two-stage cooling capacity control on all models
  • SEERs to 16.2
  • HSPF to 8.3
  • Standard Cooling operating range up to 125° F (52° C) and down to 35° F (2° C), lower temperature operation possible with low ambient kits
  • Innovative corrosive-resistant composite condensate pan in accordance with ASHRAE 62 Standard, sloping design; side or center drain
  • Proven high performance round copper tube and aluminum fin coil designs
  • Pre-painted exterior panels and primer-coated interior panels tested to 500 hours salt spray protection
  • All models use a TXV refrigerant metering device

Maintenance Features

  • New unit control board facilitating simple safety circuit troubleshooting and simplified control box arrangement as well as easy intuitive fan speed adjustment
  • Access panels with easy grip handles
  • Innovative, easy starting, no-strip screw feature on unit access panels
  • Tool-less filter access door
  • Optional hinged access panels also available
  • NEW Direct Drive – EcoBlue™ Technology Indoor fan system uses Vane Axial fan design and electronically commutated motor with beltless design
  • Two-inch disposable return air filters

Installation Features

  • Same footprint as prior Carrier models for that original fit; reduces installation costs and time
  • Field convertible from vertical to horizontal airflow configuration
  • Provisions for thru-the-bottom power entry capability as standard
  • Single point electrical and controls connections
  • Full perimeter base rail with built-in rigging adapters and fork truck slots

Reliability Features

  • Scroll compressors with internal line-break overload protection
  • 24-volt control circuit protected with resettable circuit breaker
  • Permanently lubricated direct-drive ECM evaporator-fan motor
  • Totally enclosed condenser motors with permanently lubricated bearings
  • Low pressure and high-pressure switch protection
  • Precisely sizes suction line accumulator
  • Proven Time/Temperature defrost logo and control board

Standard Limited Warranty

  • 5 years electric heaters
  • 5 years parts only compressor
  • 3 year SystemVu™ controller
  • One year parts only on all other parts
  • Additional extended warranty packages available

Factory-Installed Options

  • Temperature Sensing EconoMi$er with built-in relief
  • Enthalpy Sensing EconoMi$er with built-in relief
  • Multiple Electric Heat Sizes & Voltages
  • Return Air Smoke Detector
  • Supply Air Smoke Detector
  • CO2 Sensor
  • Condensate Overflow Protection
  • Multiple Static Fan Capabilities
  • Phase Monitor/Protection
  • Thru-The-Base Utility Connections
  • Louvered Hail Guards
  • Non-Fused Disconnect Switch
  • MERV-8 Return Air Filters
  • Hinged Access Panels
  • Unpowered Convenience Outlet
  • Powered Convenience Outlet
  • Coated Coils:
    • Pre-Coat
    • E-Coat
    • Copper/Copper
  • Electrical Mechanical Controls
  • Intelligent SystemVu™ Integrated Communicating Controls
    • Large full text – multi line display
    • USB Flash Port for data transfer
    • Built in i-Vu®, CCN and BACnet®
    • Refrigerant pressure from display
    • Quick LED Status – Run, Alert, Fault
    • Conventional stat or sensor capabilities
    • Historical component runtime and starts
    • Supply Air Tempering
    • Equipment / System Touch Compatibility
    • Demand Limiting and ZS Sensor Compatibility
  • RTU-Open Communicating Controls
  • Extended Warranty Protection Plans
  • Financing Available