Voltage Output Analog Current Sensors.

Voltage Output Analog Current Sensors

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The Voltage Output Analog Current Sensors are designed for use in any AC current monitoring application in which you are looking to monitor a particular piece of equipment for proper operation. All voltage output current sensors use an “Average” current measuring method and should be used in applications where a pure Sinusoidal AC waveform that has very little or no distortion/noise on the conductor being monitored. Applications may include monitoring a resistive type load such as an incandescent light bulb or heating element as well as any single speed linear load. Voltage Output current sensors are available in both solid and split-core versions which also includes a Patented 35 mm Din Rail mounting foot for easy installation in panel mount applications.


Load Trending, Single Speed Loads, Pumps, Compressors, Fans, Preventative Maintenance, LEED, Project Justification (Calculating ROI), Process Control