TruVu™ MPC I/O Expanders.

TruVu™ MPC I/O Expanders

MPC I/O Expanders


The Carrier® TruVu™ MPC I/O expanders provide I/O point capacity for the TruVu MPC Processor. Flexible and versatile, the TruVu MP Processor supports multiple I/O configurations for accomplishing both common and custom HVAC control strategies.

Application Features

  • Comprehensive library of factory-engineered control programs available for complete air-side and waterside system control
  • Graphically programmable using the Snap programming tool

Hardware Features

  • Adds up to 180 I/O points to the TruVu MPC Processor
  • Removable screw terminals for I/O connections
  • Supports din-rail or screw tab mounting
  • Hand-Auto-Off switches on all output channels
  • Software selectable configuration – no jumpers
  • Expanders can be mounted to MPC processor in a compact configuration or remotely mounted up to 1000 feet away

System Benefits

  • Fully plug-and-play with the Carrier i-Vu® building automation system
  • Supports demand limiting and optimal start for maximum energy savings
  • Compatible with i-Vu Tenant Billing for tracking tenants’ after-hours energy usage