TruVu™ Expandable Universal Controller.

TruVu™ Expandable Universal Controller

The TruVu™ Expandable Universal Controller is ideal for HVAC equipment control, advanced air quality control and most zone-level applications. The TV-UCXP683T features dual Ethernet ports with built-in fail-safe that supports direct connection or daisy chain topologies using BACnet/IP and 17 points of onboard control. Designed to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions, it is well suited for mechanical rooms, equipment boxes, or almost any other weather-tight location.

Application Features

  • Versatile controller suitable for a variety of applications, including: small AHUs, fan coils, exhaust fans
  • Standard library of control programs available for most unitary equipment and zone applications
  • Supports Snap graphical programming software
  • Supports Carrier communicating sensors, which are available in a variety of zone and equipment sensing combinations
  • Supports Carrier TruVu touchscreen interfaces for managing and troubleshooting the connected equipment easily and for occupant engagement
  • Supports live, visual displays of control logic, which uses real time operational data and aids in optimizing and troubleshooting system operations
  • Supports 50 Modbus points for system integrations

Hardware Features

  • Dual 10/100 Mbps, BACnet IP and IP addressing
  • Supports home run, daisy chain and ring IP network topologies
  • Capacitor-backed real-time clock keeps time in the event of power failure or network interruption for at least three days
  • I/O expander bus supports two TV-UCXP IO Expanders
  • USB port for local device updates, hard-wired, and wireless service connections
  • DIN rail or screw mounting

System Features

  • Connects seamlessly to the i-Vu building automation system