TruVu™ Dual IP Bypass Controller.

TruVu™ Dual IP Bypass Controller

The TruVu dual IP VVT bypass controller is used to regulate the supply duct static pressure for a variety of pressure-dependent VVT applications and allows constant volume HVAC equipment to provide zone level temperature control. This completely programmable advanced controller features an integrated actuator for easy installation onto bypass dampers. It ships with Carrier factory engineered and tested applications for bypass control. The daisy chained BACnet IP communications deliver plug-and-play connectivity to the Carrier i-Vu building automation system.

Application Features

  • Sophisticated factory-engineered and tested control programs provide reliability and energy efficiency
  • Temperature protection minimizes the occurrence of air source heating and/or cooling lockouts based on unacceptable discharge temperatures
  • Provides automatic pressure sensor calibration
  • Can drive multiple damper actuators
  • VFD support via 0-10VDC analog output to provide drive speed modulation
  • Supports two simultaneous application control programs for customized application solutions
  • Programmable control of dampers, VFDs and other auxiliary equipment using Snap graphical programming
  • Supports Carrier communicating sensors which are available in a variety of zone and equipment sensing combinations
  • Supports Carrier TruVu touchscreen interfaces for managing and troubleshooting the connected equipment easily and for occupant engagement
  • Conforms to the BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) Standard Device and BACnet Broadcast Management Device (B-BMD), as defined in BACnet 135-2001 2012 Annex L and tested to Protocol Revision 15

Hardware Features

  • Integrated 45 in-lb 154 second actuator for reliability and longevity
  • Dual 10/100 Mbps, BACnet IP and DCHP IP addressing
  • Native BACnet IP or MS/TP communications
  • Supports home run, daisy chain and ring IP network topologiesntegral airflow sensor
  • Capacitor-backed real-time clock keeps time in the event of power failure or network interruption for up to three days
  • Controls up to 9 points (3 binary outputs, 4 universal inputs and 2 analog output) plus up to 2 Act Net Smart Actuators
  • USB port for local device updates, hard-wired, and wireless service connections
  • Reversible airflow connections allows for error free tube installation

System Benefits

  • Integrated Carrier airside linkage algorithm for plug-andplay integration with Carrier air sources
  • Fully plug-and-play with the i-Vu building automation system