TruVu™ ChillerVu™ Plant Controller.

TruVu™ ChillerVu™ Plant Controller

The TruVu ChillerVu Plant Controller coordinates the functions of all main chiller plant components, providing optimized equipment operation while helping to reduce energy usage and operating costs. The system includes a dedicated chiller plant controller and an extensive library of control programs, graphics, and energy dashboards that can be easily customized to meet the design and specifications of any chiller plant.

The TV-PSM features built-in routing and integration capabilities, along with support for up to nine TruVu MPC I/O expansion modules and a total of 180 input/output points.

System Benefits

  • Integrates seamlessly with chiller plant equipment using BACnet and Modbus® protocols
  • Fully plug-and-play with the Carrier i-Vu building automation system
  • Pre-configured energy dashboards and embedded trends/alarms provide immediate insight on chiller plant performance and aid in troubleshooting/maintenance

Energy Saving Strategies

  • Enhanced chiller staging dynamically matches the number of running chillers to building load
  • Variable flow pump sequences minimize pump energy consumption
  • Staged and variable speed tower fans minimize tower fan energy consumption
  • Demand limiting limits plant energy consumption to fixed levels, avoiding excess electrical demand charges
  • Pre-configured chilled water setpoint reset; plug and play compatible with Carrier Chilled Water System Optimizer
  • Optional soft start ramp loading, chilled water reset, load feathering (Add/Drop), and demand limiting

Easily Customizable for Any Plant

  • Easily reconfigure control sequences using EquipmentBuilder and can be fully edited in Snap
  • Pre-configured, user editable energy dashboards (actionable plant energy data graphically displayed)
  • High quality, automatically generated plant room graphics, requiring minimal user input

Standard Application Library

  • Full complement of pre-written plant control sequences
  • Chiller Manager with basic and advanced chiller staging sequences
  • Pump Manager with control sequences for the primary and secondary chilled and condenser water pumps
  • Tower Manager with control sequences for the towers
  • Open and Closed Cooling Tower programs for towerspecific control points, including condenser water pumps and other peripheral equipment
  • Chiller System – Self contained single chiller application with I/O to control the chiller, pumps and cooling towers
  • Carrier proprietary 23XRV Series Counterflow control sequence

Supported Chiller Hardware

  • Carrier legacy chillers with native CCN controls connected with UPCs or via i-Vu Open Links
  • New generation Carrier PIC chillers (PIC6.x) with native BACnet connectivity
  • Third-party chillers that support BACnet protocol (must have accessible BACnet points with correct read/write properties)
  • Plants with non-communicating chillers, using fieldinstalled controllers and logic