TruVu™ ChillerVu™ Chilled Water System Optimizer.

TruVu™ ChillerVu™ Chilled Water System Optimizer

The TruVu Chilled Water System Optimizer is a sophisticated, scalable, native BACnet optimization solution for chilled water plants. The TV-OPT minimizes the energy use of the entire chilled water system, up to and including airside equipment.

The factory-engineered control program is designed to provide advanced chilled water and condenser water setpoint reset, managing the plant chilled water supply temperature and the condenser water supply temperature to provide optimal energy usage while assuring occupant comfort in the building.

The TV-OPT provides seamless integration with the ChillerVu Plant System Manager and is compatible with plants consisting of Carrier 19, 23, or 30 series chillers (air or water-cooled). The system can also be applied to plants featuring third party equipment and controllers, providing the same optimization benefits as are possible with Carrier based plants. An integrated dashboard is also included, providing actionable intelligence to facilities staff, along with real time monitoring of the overall efficiency of the chilled water system, from anywhere at any time using the i-Vu building automation system.

System Benefits

  • Compatible with TruVu ChillerVu™ plant manager
  • Easy startup and commissioning using the i-Vu user interface
  • Fully plug-and-play compatible with the Carrier i-Vu building automation system, seamlessly integrating CWSO’s advanced setpoint reset into the ChillerVu plant control system
  • Supports integration to chiller plant equipment using BACnet and Modbus® protocols
  • Embedded trends and alarms provide insight into chiller plant performance, and also aid in system tuning, maintenance, and troubleshooting

Energy Savings

  • Chilled water setpoint algorithm adjusts the plant setpoint while monitoring and maintaining optimal chilled water system energy consumption
  • Dynamic condenser water setpoint algorithm adjusts to maintain optimal tower setpoint, minimizing chiller lift, compensating for ambient conditions and tower approach and providing optimum efficiency
  • Intelligent learning algorithms find the optimal energy usage while maintaining comfort conditions
  • Adapts “on the fly” to changing environmental and mechanical conditions as well as to changes in facility usage patterns

Software Features

  • Supports Metric and English units
  • Intuitive pre-built dashboard shows total plant energy usage and key operational parameters at a glance
  • Calculates and displays total system energy consumption kWh, peak demand in kW, tonnage, and overall system efficiency in kW/Ton
  • Version 3 of the CWSO control program (available for download) adds several key system features, including:
    • Savings Assessment Mode – Once initial configuration and tuning is complete, the savings assessment mode allows the system to run one day on/one day off for a user defined period of time for baseline performance verification
    • Additional I/O and default Trending to provide greater insight into overall system operation and troubleshooting – highly beneficial for 3rd party plant system applications
    • Enhanced System Graphics

Robust Control Features

  • Easy, unobtrusive addition to virtually any communicating plant control system
  • Optimizes energy consumption across the entire chilled water system; supply and consumption
  • Supports system optimization of non-Carrier controlled plants via BACnet and Modbus protocols