Touch Pilot™.

Touch Pilot™

Operator Interface

Touchscreen panel-mounted user interface and configuration tool for all Carrier Comfort Network® (CCN) communicating devices.

The Touch Pilot serves as a user interface and configuration tool all Carrier communicating devices. The Touch Pilot can be used to install and commission, monitor, and control any device operating on the Carrier network including chillers, 3V zoning systems, and air sources. The Touch Pilot consists of a ¼” VGA Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with adjustable contrast and backlighting. It features a touch screen panel and display that allows a user to navigate through the menus, select desired options, and modify data.


  • Communicates with Carrier network
  • Supports local equipment mode or network mode
  • Network mode allows up to 50 devices in Attach list
  • Access configuration, maintenance, service, set point, time schedule, alarm history and status data in Carrier network devices
  • Force and auto points in Carrier network devices
  • Modify address of Carrier network devices
  • Modify time/date in Carrier network devices
  • Display metric or customary U.S. units
  • Allows three security levels
  • Supports foreign languages
  • Network alarm acknowledgement and indication
  • Provide capability to fully monitor and control