Sensor Accessories.

Sensor Accessories

Wall Adapter Plate

NSB-ADP-525-7-OFW (7″ x 5.25″)
NSB-ADP-37-55-OFW (5.5″ x 3.75″)

The Wall Adapter Plate is designed to cover wall imperfections when installing wall sensors or thermostats. The adapter plate is available in two sizes. The adapter plate can be painted or wall papered.

Duct Static Pressure Probe Assembly


The duct static pressure probe assembly consists of: a static pressure probe, a 6 inch piece of silicon rubber tubing, a 12 inch piece of silicon rubber tubing, two self-drilling sheet metal screws and a pressure spike reducer

Thermostat Guard


The Thermostat Guard prevents tampering, physical damage, and unauthorized adjustment of thermostats. It is made of thick, durable polycarbonate and features exceptional airflow, key lock protection, horizontal or vertical mounting, and easy installation with hardware included.

Low Profile Pressure Pickup Port


The Low Profile Pressure Pickup Port is ideal for locations where aesthetics are as important as the pressure measurement. The inconspicuous sensor mounts easily by pushing through a 7/16” hole and secured with an adhesive ring. The only visible portion is a flush 7/8” dot on the wall. The built-in surge damper provides five-micron filtering and smooths out rapid variations in air pressure for a more stable reading.

Voltage Converter


The Voltage Converter is a cost-effective way of converting 24 VAC or VDC to 5 to 24 VDC for use on peripheral devices that require DC voltage. The converter is available with a 350 mA output. The voltage Cconverter’s mounting system allows for 2.75” snaptrack, DIN rail, or surface mounting.

Outdoor Air Static Pressure Pickup Port



Specifications for individual products can be found in the product’s Installation & Operations guide.