Pressure Sensors.

Pressure Sensors

Differential Pressure Switch

NSB-ZPS-SW2 (0.40″ to 1.40″ W.C. (100 Pa to 350 Pa))
NSB-ZPS-SW3 (1.20″ to 2.40″ W.C. (300 Pa to 600 Pa))
NSB-ZPS-SW4 (2.40″ to 6.42″ W.C. (600 Pa to 1600 Pa))

The Differential Pressure Switch is ideal for air filter monitoring, static pressure proving, airflow proving, or auxiliary fan actuation. Because of its UL 353 Limit Control Listing, the pressure switch can be used in safety circuits to protect heating appliances, heating systems, processing systems and HVAC/R systems.

Compact Pressure Sensors

Compact Pressure Sensor

NSB-ZPS-SR-EZ-ST-IN (inches)
NSB-ZPS-SR-EZ-ST-PA (pascals)

Compact Low Pressure Sensor

NSB-ZPS-LR-EZ-ST-IN (inches)
NSB-ZPS-LR-EZ-ST-PA (pascals)

The Compact Pressure Sensor is a true differential pressure transmitter that provides ±5 inches W.C. (±1,250 Pacals) in 10 field selectable ranges. The Compact Low Pressure Sensor is also a true differential pressure transmitter that provides ±1 inches WC (±250 Pacals) in 10 field selectable ranges. The enclosure is designed for DIN rail, Snaptrack or surface mounting. Three output ranges of 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, and 4 to 20 mA are also field-selectable for all pressure ranges. The wiring terminal block is depluggable. Pressure units include a static pressure probe assembly and are available in Inches of Water Column or Pascals.

Pressure Sensors

NSB-ZPS-LR-BB-ST-D-IN (low pressure)

The Low Pressure Sensor & Pressure Sensor with LCD display measures building pressure, air velocities and volumes. The heart of the unit is a micro-machined silicon pressure sensor. The unit includes a static pressure probe assembly.

Zone Pressure Multi-Sensor

NSB-ZPM-HR-ST-D (high range)
NSB-ZPM-SR-ST-D (standard range)
NSB-ZPM-LR-ST-D (low range)

The Zone Pressure Multi-Sensor is the most flexible pressure sensor on the market. Output, range, units, directionality, and response time are quickly set in the field with no tools, no power, and no small components.