Outside Air Temperature Sensors.

Outside Air Temperature Sensors

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The Carrier Thermistor Outside Air Series features a weather proof European Style Plastic enclosure with twist off cover and water tight cord grip fitting. The sensing element contains two, 14 inch 22 AWG Etched Teflon colored lead wires to differentiate the many different sensor types. All sensors in this series are manufactured using proven double encapsulation process to eliminate the effects of moisture upon the sensors as well as to increase the thermal response time using our high quality, thermally conductive epoxy. The outside air sensor is a single point sensor designed to be mounted under an eave or on the North side of a building in a shaded location. The sensing tube pointed must be pointed downward to prevent any water or ice from settling in the sensing tube.


Outside Air Temperature Sensing, Cold Storage Facilities, High Dew Point/Condensing Environments