Miniature Fixed Current Switches.

Miniature Fixed Current Switches

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The Miniature Fixed Current Status Switches are designed for use in any AC current monitoring application with a fixed trip point to monitor the “Go/No Go” (On/Off) ”Status” for a piece of equipment. The fixed current switches should be installed on the line side of the power to the motor, pump, compressor or other equipment. All of the miniature current switches are available in both solid and split-core versions in a smaller enclosure style than that of the NSA-A/CS2-B and NSA-A/SCS2-B Series fixed current switches rated for higher operating currents.


On/Off “Status” Indication, Local Alarms such as Strobes/Audible Alarms, Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Lighting Status and Usage Information, Ovens, Process Control, Industrial Equipment, OEM Opportunities