i-Vu® Zone Ctrl II.

i-Vu® Zone Ctrl II

Programmable Zone Controller

The Zone Controller II provides zone level control for a variety of pressure-independent VAV and pressure dependent VVT applications. This completely programmable advanced controller features a separable actuator for easy installation onto fan-powered or single-duct air terminals. It also features native BACnet communications and plug-and-play connectivity to the Carrier i-Vu Building Automation System.

Application Features

  • A library of sophisticated factory-engineered and tested control programs provide reliability and energy efficiency
  • Programmable zone level control of terminal units, fan coils, lighting, exhaust fans and more
  • Supports advanced control routines for zone level humidity control or zone level demand control ventilation (ASHRAE® 62)
  • Supports Carrier communicating space sensors and touch screens which allow for local setpoint adjustment and local overrides
  • Quick and easy test & balancing process

System Benefits

  • Integrated Carrier airside linkage algorithm for plug-and-play integration with Carrier air sources
  • Fully plug-and-play with the Carrier i-Vu Building Automation System
  • Supports demand limiting for maximum energy savings
  • Supports dual duct applications when used with Carrier’s VAV Zone II Secondary Terminal Controller

Hardware Features

  • Separable brushless actuator for reliability and longevity
  • Capable of system or stand-alone operation
  • Native BACnet MS/TP or ARCNET communications
  • Controls up to 8 points (3 binary outputs, 4 universal inputs and 1 analog output)