i-Vu® VAV Zone II Secondary Terminal.

i-Vu® VAV Zone II Secondary Terminal

Product Integrated Controller

The VAV Zone II Secondary Terminal controller provides control of a secondary zone damper where CFM measurement is required. This advanced controller features a separable actuator for easy installation onto a zone damper. It requires connection to the programmable Carrier Zone Controller (OPN-B3-P-02) for proper operation.

Application Features

  • Dual Duct – Hot Deck/Cold Deck control
  • DOAS applications
  • Quick and easy test & balancing process

System Benefits

  • Fully plug-and-play with the Carrier i-Vu Building Automation System
  • Connects directly to the ACTnet bus on Carrier ZoneCtrl II programmable zone controller

Hardware Features

  • Separate brushless actuator for reliability and longevity
  • ACTnet communications bus
  • Precision differential pressure sensor