i-Vu® Pro.

i-Vu® Pro

i-Vu 8.5 Building Automation System Web-Based Operator Interface

i-Vu Pro 8.5 building automation system front-end provides a powerful on-premises user interface to manage building systems, indoor environmental quality and control energy usage. Manage your facility 24/7, 365 days a year with the powerful i-Vu Pro web user interface that allows you to:

  • Manage the HVAC equipment in your building from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser
  • View and control the equipment in your building with a variety of PCs, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Graphically configure and view schedules, setpoints, trends, alarms, and reports
  • Integrate, monitor, and control other building systems such as lighting and meters using standard protocols

New Features & Improvements for v8.5

  • New interactive zone control graphical widget (Setpoint adjust, TLO, and fan control)
  • Network Tree organization mechanism to support IP system network architectures enabled by IP zone controllers
  • New ViewBuilder default Local Access page for EQT HMI
  • Support for Staged Downloads which allows a driver download while the controller remains active
  • Move key SiteBuilder functionality into the BAS UI
  • New Directory Structure -Splitting out Writeable Components – Enables easier management of installs, updates, and container-based applications
  • Reports Improvements: New – Operator Information Report, System-wide reports formatting options, Quarantine Data reports for Life Science systems


  • Powerful, comprehensive building management with intuitive point-and-click graphical access
  • Dynamic, scalable vector floor plan graphics dynamically resize to monitor resolution and convey a quick understanding of building conditions
  • Customizable graphics, schedules, trends, reports, and alarms
  • Powerful reporting engine supports pre-built and customizable reports
  • Plug and play connectivity with both factory and field installed i-Vu®/CCN controllers
  • Built-in ACxelerate™ VAV Auto-Commissioning tool
  • Haystack-compatible semantic tagging automatically assigns standard reference names to equipment data
  • BACnet/SC ready to support secure BAS infrastructures once BACnet/SC hardware is also available (future)
  • Ready to support IPv6 once IPv6 Router is also available (future)
  • Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Easily integrates to third-party building systems and software using BACnet, Modbus® and LonWorks® protocols
  • Multiple versions available to fit any size building or campus