i-Vu® Express.

i-Vu® Express

i-Vu 8.5 Connected Device

The i-Vu Express connected device is a plug-and-play building automation solution for small and medium-sized buildings. As a building automation server and i-Vu 8.5 software in one compact device, it automatically discovers the i-Vu control system in the building and provides operators with access to manage their Carrier HVAC system over the web.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simple to install and commission; auto-discovers up to 750 connected i-Vu controllers and autogenerates HVAC equipment graphics
  • Built in scheduling, trending, and alarming tools help operators lower operating costs, improve occupant comfort, and resolve problems faster
  • Intuitive floorplans, dashboards, and reports provide actionable insights at a glance
  • Integrates third party equipment like lighting and meters for centralized management of building systems through a single i-Vu user interface
  • Receives automatic software updates over the internet; updates can then be executed and installed locally via the Management Tool within i-Vu Express

Features and Benefits – New with i-Vu v8.5

  • Support for scalable vector graphic (SVG) floorplans
  • BACnet Revision 19 compliance
  • Operator information report provides facilities staff with visibility into who is using the i-Vu system and includes detailed information on operator configuration and security policy compliance
  • Staged firmware downloads provide more efficient controller driver updates
  • Autopilot add-on allows operators to create slideshows that cycle through i-Vu system graphics
  • Message Queueing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol support allows i-Vu system data to be published to an MQTT broker in the cloud for integration with Carrier’s Abound IoT platform