i-Vu® Cloud.

i-Vu® Cloud

The Carrier i-Vu Cloud solutions bring deployment flexibility to customers while helping them scale for growth and reduce their support burden. Powered by the technology, security, and infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), i-Vu Cloud provides a predictable cost of ownership. It includes cloud-hosting, server maintenance, i-Vu site reliability monitoring, database redundancy and backups. Also included are software upgrades eliminating the need for customers to install, configure, and manage a building automation server in the building. There is no costly IT infrastructure to maintain, and IT compliance directives for the server – including reliability, security, and uptime – are managed by Carrier.

Features & Benefits

The i-Vu Cloud system provides local to global indoor environmental quality control and energy management, all with the peace-of-mind knowing that i-Vu Cloud uses BACnet Secure Connect to encrypt network communications and keep the building automation networks secure. i-Vu Cloud includes all the features of the i-Vu Pro system plus:

  • BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC), the ASHRAE Standard secure, encrypted datalink layer designed to meet the requirements and constraints of modern IP infrastructures
  • Provided by AWS:
    • Assured Server Uptime
    • Triple datacenter redundancy
    • Daily database backups
    • GuardDuty threat detection service
  • Internet Protocol Versions IPv6 and IPv4 are supported
  • Pair with i-Vu Add-ons to add more capability and value to your i-Vu system. Here are some example add-ons that are compatible:
    • Abound™ Predictive Insights
    • Hourly Weather
    • Automated Demand Response
    • BACnet® Scheduling Interface
    • Microsoft® Exchange Scheduling
    • Trend Export