Gemini® Select Air-Cooled Condenser.

Gemini® Select Air-Cooled Condenser

With Puron® Refrigerant (R-410a)

18 to 130 Nominal Tons

These condensers feature one or two independent refrigerant circuits depending on the unit size. All units are factory wired, nitrogen charged, and easily connected by refrigerant lines and control wiring to the matching Carrier split chiller. Various combinations of these extremely flexible condensers matched with the compressor /evaporator section provide customized packages to cover a wide range of cooling requirements. Low roof-load weight distribution and weatherproof construction make these units excellent selections for rooftop or on-the-ground installations. The 09DPs are well suited for commercial or industrial air conditioning applications.

Performance Features

  • High short circuit interrupt protection option
  • Motormaster® V low ambient temperature controller option
  • Single (09DPS) and multiple (09DPM) split combinations
  • AeroAcoustic low sound fan option

Reliability Features

  • MCHX coil with E-coating option
  • Galvanized steel cabinet, bonderized and finished with baked enamel, 500-hour salt-spray test
  • Non-fused disconnect protection option
  • Security grilles/hail guards option
  • V-coil design (065-130 models)
  • UL and UL, Canada approved

Installation Features

  • On-the-ground or rooftop installation
  • Small footprint
  • Single circuit manifold tubing kit with all 09DPM model
  • Fork truck lift pockets (018-060) and lifting holes in base rail construction (065-130 models)

Factory-Installed Options

  • Condenser Coil/Low Sound Options
    • E-Coated MCHX
    • Low Sound Fan(s)
  • Ambient/Capacity Control/Interrupt Options
    • High Short Circuit Current Rating Interrupt
    • Motormaster V Low Ambient Control
  • Electrical Options
    • Non-Fused Disconnect
  • Packaging/Security Options
    • Bottom Skid
    • Bottom Skid, Top Crate, Bag
    • Security Grilles/Hail Guards

Field-Installed Accessories

  • Condenser Coil/Low Sound Options
    • Low Sound Fan(s)
    • Vibration isolation Pads
  • Ambient/Capacity Control/Interrupt Options
    • Motormaster V Low Ambient Control
  • Packaging/Security Options
    • Security Grilles/Hail Guards
    • Wind Baffles