ClimaVision Multi Sensor.

ClimaVision Multi Sensor

An all-in-one wall sensor supporting indoor air quality, comfort, and efficiency

ClimaVision’s suite of sensor offerings gives building owners the power of IoT-connected devices for optimal efficiency and comfort in spaces where it matters most. Measure to manage with the Multi Sensor, a high-precision CO₂, occupancy, temperature and humidity sensor that connects with the ClimaVision Smart Node to deliver data that influences equipment control. This device can be daisy chained with other sensors on the 1-wire bus to provide an extensible sensor network.

The Multi Sensor is an all-in-one sensor providing temperature, humidity, occupancy, and CO₂ to augment the ClimaVision Smart Node for Title 24 compliance. This small sensor informs air quality and occupancy-based energy sequences for optimal IAQ and efficiency.

The sensor plugs into the standard 3-wire sensor bus that Carrier offers on its nodes and stats. The modern, low profile design appeals to aesthetics and allows the sensor to blend in with office environments.

Key Features

  • Accurate temperature readings (typical +/-0.2C)
  • Accurate humidity readings (typical +/- 2% R.H.)
  • Accurate occupancy measurement with a measuring angle of 100-degree angle and 10m distance
  • CO₂ sensitivity and accuracy meets Title 24. +/- 75 ppm at a 600 and 1000 ppm concentration
  • Proprietary 1-wire protocol to communicate with a master device such as an HIA or the Smart Node
  • Can be daisy-chained with other sensors on the 1-wire bus to provide extensible sensor network

Additional Features

  • 3-wire interface for power and communication
  • Sleek design, low-impact aesthetics
  • Factory pre-calibrated
  • Easily mounted
  • Up to 4 devices can be connected on the bus