ClimaVision Differential Pressure Sensor.

ClimaVision Differential Pressure Sensor

ClimaVision’s suite of sensor offerings gives building owners the power of IoT-connected devices for optimal efficiency and comfort in spaces where it matters most. Measure airflow rates in VAV boxes for advanced DCV sequences, learn when AHU filters need to be changed, and more with the ClimaVision Differential Pressure Sensor.

The Differential Pressure Sensor (DPS) is a high-precision pressure sensor that enables energy-saving functions like advanced demand control ventilation sequences and VAV flow measurement based on ASHRAE Guideline 36, all right out of the box.

Our rugged sensor connects to the Smart Node digital sensor bus seamlessly with ClimaVision’s suite of applications. Thoughtful design touches include large cutouts for easy installation when wearing thick gloves. The DPS dramatically cuts down installation time and commission applications.

Key Features

  • Enables alerts when AHU filters need to be changed
  • Measures airflow rates in VAV boxes for fast and easy compliance with advanced DCV sequences
  • Significantly decreases the time of install
  • Compact, rugged design means the sensor can be mounted on VAV boxes, hard supporters or rafters

Additional Features

  • Can be daisy-chained with other sensors on the digital bus to provide extensible sensor network
  • Proprietary communications protocol to communicate with master device such as the ClimaVision Smart Node
  • Large sensor cutouts make installing easy, even when wearing gloves