ClimaVision Central Control Unit.

ClimaVision Central Control Unit

A wireless building management system providing in-depth, real-time insight and control.

What do you get when you combine a state-of-the-art building sensor and control supervisor and an applied equipment controller for everything from staged DX cooling to analog VFD and coil control? Answer: the ClimaVision Central Control Unit (CCU), a removable wall-mounted tablet and on-site user interface for building management.

Customers appreciate real-time data visualization and graphs, zone and equipment-specific performance and status. The elegant and modern design snaps easily and securely into place with a spring-based locking slider.

The Central Control Unit (CCU) acts as a wall-mounted aggregation gateway for ClimaVision’s wireless terminal equipment modules in a building. The CCU includes a tablet running Android and a Control Mote that provides inputs and outputs for connecting to central plant equipment.

Key Features

  • Works with single and multi-stage systems, heat pump systems, fan coil units, air handlers, variable flow hydronic systems and more.
  • Control up to 48 terminal equipment modules per Central Control Unit.
  • Auto changeover.
  • Proactive, predictive control in conjunction with Carrier cloud servers; able to run program offline.
  • Strong, permanent magnets and metal locking tabs help with feel and secure alignment.
  • Intuitive Android-based user interface.

Additional Features

  • Powerful MT8163, quad core processor with 2GB RAM and 32 GB flash memory
  • Easy mobile pairing, configuration and settings setup
  • Zones status and comfort index dashboard
  • Schedule and setpoint adjustments
  • System run time and drill down
  • Real-time graph of sensor inputs
  • Alerts with severity color coding