ClimaVision Ceiling Sensor.

ClimaVision Ceiling Sensor

High-precision temperature and humidity measurement for increased comfort

ClimaVision’s suite of sensor offerings gives building owners the power of IoT-connected devices for optimal efficiency and comfort in spaces where it matters most. This rings true even for wide open spaces or zones without room for a wall mounted sensor.

The Ceiling Sensor mounts easily to the ceiling with a threaded bush and is adjustable with a set screw, making temperature and humidity readings not only possible in airy spaces, but accurate, too.

The Ceiling Sensor offers high-precision measurement pre-calibrated from the factory for measuring comfort factors of temperature and humidity. The Ceiling Sensor is easily mounted on a ceiling by a threaded bush. The module drop from the ceiling can be adjusted via a set screw. The Ceiling Sensor uses a proprietary 1-wire protocol to communicate with other devices such as the ClimaVision Smart Node.

Key Features

  • Accurate temperature readings (typical +/- 0.2C)
  • Accurate humidity readings (typical +/- 2% RH)
  • 3-wire interface for power and communication
  • Can be daisy-chained with other sensors on the 1-wire bus to provide an extensible sensor network

Additional Features

  • Sleek design, low-impact aesthetics
  • Easily mounted on ceiling via threaded bush
  • Module drop can be easily adjusted