ClimaVision BACnet HyperStat.

ClimaVision BACnet HyperStat

Thermostat and humidistat with 8 on-board sensors for IAQM and efficiency in buildings with an existing BMS

The HyperStat with BACnet MSTP is a wired (RS-485) thermostat, humidistat, and IAQ sensing station. It comes with an industry-leading eight onboard sensors for occupancy, temperature, humidity, VOCs, light, sound, CO2 and PM2.5 to support the WELL Building Standard.

The standard HyperStat works out of the box with ClimaVision’s BMS, delivering IAQ data every 60 seconds for seamless digital twin integration. With BACnet MSTP, it can be integrated into an existing BMS without the online features such as wireless communication and cloud-connected data.

Key Features

  • Data that complies with the WELL Building Standard, right out of the box.
  • Built-in sequences for occupancy detection mean your HyperStat prioritizes health and comfort when it matters most and saves valuable energy when spaces are empty.
  • Industry-leading connectivity allows interfacing to a wide variety of staged and fully modulating equipment.