Clamp-on & Strap Temperature Sensors.

Clamp-on & Strap Temperature Sensors

Clamp-On with NEMA 1 J-Box (JB)


Clamp-On with w/ NEMA 4 BB2 Box


Clamp-On with NEMA 1 BB4 Box


Spring-Loaded Strap w/ NEMA 1 J-Box (JB)


Spring-Loaded Strap w/ NEMA 4 BB2 Box


Spring-Loaded Strap w/ NEMA 1 BB4 Box


Clamp-on Sensors are made for direct pipe mounting and temperature measurement of water pipe applications. These sensors are for mounting before any insulation is on the pipe.

Strap Sensors are spring-loaded units that are for mounting to pipes with up to 2” of insulation using a unique spring sensor extension.

Enclosure mounting styles come in plastic or metal for both NEMA 1 and NEMA 4 applications and are all plenum rated.