Carrier Direct-Expansion Liquid Cooler.

Carrier Direct-Expansion Liquid Cooler

5 to 350 Nominal Tons

25 to 1,230 Nominal kW

Build your system on the best—10RT Series DX coolers. Choose Carrier 10RT Series direct-expansion (DX) shell-and-tube liquid coolers for built-up systems in office buildings, hospitals, or any commercial applications where unique cooling requirements or space limitations dictate the need for separate location of the cooler from the condenser, compressors, or air-handling components.


  • Fifteen models, 5 through 125 tons normally carried in stock or with short shipping lead times.
  • High performance tubes providing more economical cooling.
  • Serviceable through-tube design and removable heads.
  • Controlled refrigerant velocities for positive oil return and low refrigerant pressure drop.