Carrier Data Center Cooling System.

Carrier Data Center Cooling System

18,900 to 62,900 Cfm (@25DT)

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, Carrier’s 39DC custom double-wall data center air handler gives you the freedom to specify the optimal system for your precise requirements—helping to simplify installation and achieve more efficient results. The following is a summary of typical features, dimensions, and performance for the 39DC air handling units.


  • Draw thru configuration
  • Direct drive airfoil blade fans with premium efficiency variable speed EC Motors
  • MERV 8 filters
  • Aluminum fin cooling coil: 0.020” copper tubes and 0.075” aluminum fins
  • 16 GA double wall construction – max leakage 1% at 6” W.C. pressure
  • Max deflection L/240
  • Single point piping connection
  • Custom color available (black is standard)
  • All service access from front of unit


  • Seismic construction Ip1.0 or Ip1.5
  • Floor stand
  • Dual power connection with auto transfer switch
  • PLC based controls with pressure independent control valve
  • Blow thru configuration
  • Isolation damper
  • Plenum to connect unit to ceiling plenum
  • Software based teaming function
  • VFD with premium efficiency motors in lieu of ECM
  • Design for elevation up to 8000’
  • Factory performance test at design conditions
  • Splits as required to fit existing space
  • Startup and first year warranty