Carlyle Condensing Units.

Carlyle Condensing Units

20 to 150 Nominal Tons

70 to 525 Nominal kW

From a wide selection of compressors, condensers, and accessories, Carrier now provides a completely factory-assembled compressor unit that you can combine with either a remote condenser or a factory-assembled condensing unit. Included in the factory-assembled compressor units (05FY) are the compressor, steel base, motor, control panel, and accessories. The factory-assembled condensing units (07FY) consist of all features of the compressor unit above plus a condenser. On both the factory-assembled compressor unit and the condensing unit, the required interconnecting wiring is included to minimize field start-up time and costs. The factory-assembled condensing units also include the interconnecting piping.


  • 3-year compressor warranty
  • 40 to 150 ton range
  • High operating efficiency
  • Multi-drive application
  • Multi-speed range
  • Multi-motor/voltage combinations
  • Multi-condenser combinations


Available for use with R-22, R-134A, R-404A, R-407A, R-407C, R-507 and other refrigerants. Download Carlyle selection software at For more information, contact RCD Customer Service.