AXIS™ Single-Duct Terminal.

AXIS™ Single-Duct Terminal

45 to 7,100 Nominal Cfm

The 35E unit is among the most versatile single-duct products on the market, offering a compact design with diverse control packages. The 35E single duct unit provides cooling only or cooling with reheat to meet most application requirements. The unit is designed to allow maximum flexibility in configuration and control. The small size of the unit ensures an easy fit in most applications.

Performance Features

  • Airflow capacities from 75 to 5995 m3/h
  • Round inlet sizes from 4 in. through 16 in. diameter
  • Galvanized steel casing construction
  • Suitable for low, medium, or high pressure applications
  • Linear, multiple-point, averaging velocity sensor with an amplified signal
  • Damper blade has a flexible gasket for tight airflow shutoff
  • Damper blade operates over a full 90 degrees
  • Pressure independent, BACnet protocol is standard and Carrier Control Network (CCN) is optional
  • Electronic speed control (silicon controlled rectifier [SCR] type) allows field adjustable fan airflow
  • Isolated motor/blower assembly
  • Electric or hot water reheat coils
  • Multiple casing liners available
  • Electric heat (1 to 3 stages) or proportional heat

Reliability Features

  • Heaters equipped with:
    Primary automatic and secondary manual reset thermal cutout fuse and positive pressure air flow switch
  • Strong integral panel/post construction

Maintenance Features

  • Removable bottom access panel for easy accessibility during routine inspections and maintenance
  • Label information adhered to each unit includes model, size, airflow (m3/h), balancing chart, and tagging data

Installation Features

  • Rectangular discharge with slip and drive connections provides quick and easy connection to downstream ductwork
  • Compact unit casing accommodates installation in reduced ceiling plenum space
  • Factory-installed controls
  • All round collars accommodate standard spiral and flex duct sizes
  • Balancing taps provided for easy airflow verification
  • Single point electrical connection

Factory-Installed Options

  • Electric heater
  • Filter
  • On/Off hot water valve
  • Controls
  • Control panel