AXIS™ Quiet Series Fan-Powered Terminal.

AXIS™ Quiet Series Fan-Powered Terminal

Up to 3,000 Cfm (Primary & Fan Airflow)

The 45K fan-powered units provide a combination of primary air cooling or plenum induction and reheat to meet most application needs at the lowest possible sound levels.

Performance Features

  • Fan airflow capacities from 50 to 3000 CFM
  • Primary airflow capacities from 52 to 3000 CFM
  • Ultra quiet operation for critical sound applications
  • Round inlet sizes from 6 in. through 16 in. diameter
  • 20 gage, galvanized steel casing construction
  • Integral induced air sound attenuator
  • Suitable for low, medium, or high pressure applications
  • Linear, multiple-point, averaging velocity sensor with an amplified signal
  • Damper blade has a flexible gasket for tight airflow shutoff
  • Damper blade operates over a full 90 degrees
  • All damper assemblies utilize a solid ½ in. shaft that rotates in self-lubricating Delrin® bearings
  • Pressure independent controls, including Carrier i-Vu Open (BACnet), Carrier Comfort Network® (CCN), analog, or pneumatic controls
  • Electric or hot water reheat coils
  • Multiple casing liners available
  • Electric heat (1 to 3 stages) or proportional (SSR) heat
  • Standard unit casing lined with ½ in. thick, 1-1/2 lb dual density fiberglass insulation that meets UL 181 and NFPA 90A
  • Certified performance in accordance with ARI Standard 880

Reliability Features

  • 20 gage, galvanized steel heaters are ETL listed in accordance with UL standards
  • Heaters equipped with:
  • Primary automatic and secondary manual reset thermal cutout
  • Deenergizing magnetic contactors
  • Airflow proving switch
  • 80/20 Ni-Cr elements
  • Strong integral panel/post construction for product durability

Maintenance Features

  • NEMA 2 steel control enclosure for electric or electronic components
  • Removable bottom access panel for easy accessibility during routine inspections and maintenance
  • Label information adhered to each unit includes model, size, airflow (cfm), balancing chart, and tagging data

Installation Features

  • Rectangular discharge with slip and drive connections provides quick and easy connection to downstream ductwork
  • Compact unit casing accommodates installation in reduced ceiling plenum space
  • Factory-installed controls
  • All round collars accommodate standard spiral and flex duct sizes
  • Balancing taps provided for easy airflow verification
  • Single point electrical connection

Standard Warranty

  • One-year parts

Factory-Installed Options

  • Control options:
    • Analog electronic controls
    • Carrier i-Vu Open VAV Controls
    • Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) VAV Controls
    • Pneumatic controls
    • No controls or field-supplied DDC (direct digital controls) third party controls
  • Left-hand or right-hand control enclosure (dust-tight)
  • Hanger brackets
  • Hot water coils (1 or 2 rows)
  • Liner options:
    • 1 in. thick, dual density fiberglass
    • Cellular
    • Steriliner (foil-faced duct board)
    • Sterilwall (double wall)
    • Foil encapsulated fiberglass
    • Perforated double wall
    • None
  • Vent and drain on water coils
  • Electric heat (1 to 3 stages)
  • Proportional SSR (solid-state relays) electric heat
  • Electric heater options:
    • Fused door interlocking disconnect switch
    • Non-fused door interlocking disconnect switch
    • Mercury contactors
    • Fuse block with fuses for primary overload protection
    • Dust-tight construction
  • Motor fusing
  • Recirculated air filter
  • ECM (electronically commutated motor) motors

Field-Installed Accessories

  • Remote wall sensor
  • Supply-air temperature sensor
  • CO2 sensor