AXIS™ Mixing Dual-Duct VAV Terminal.

AXIS™ Mixing Dual-Duct VAV Terminal

50 to 3,700 Nominal Cfm

The 35N units offer a compact design with diverse control packages. The 35N dual-duct terminals are designed to maintain optimum temperatures in the conditioned zone by varying the air volume supplied by hot and cold supply ducts while providing the proper discharge air temperature.

Performance Features

  • Airflow capacities from 50 to 3.700 cfm
  • Round inlet sizes from 4 in. through 16 in. diameter
  • 22 gage, galvanized steel casing construction
  • Suitable for low, medium, or high pressure applications
  • Linear, multiple-point, averaging velocity sensor with an amplified signal
  • Damper blade has a flexible gasket for tight airflow shutoff
  • Damper blade operates over a full 90 degrees
  • All damper assemblies utilize a solid ½ in. shaft that rotates in self-lubricating Delrin® bearings
  • Pressure independent controls include Carrier Comfort Network® (CCN), analog, and pneumatic controls
  • Unit casing lined with ½ in. thick, 1-1/2 lb dual density fiberglass insulation
  • Multiple casing liners available
  • Certified performance in accordance with ARI Standard 880

Reliability Features

  • Casings and insulation meet UL-181 and NFPA-90A requirements
  • Maintenance Features
  • Available 6 in. x 9 in. bottom access panel for easy accessibility during routine inspections and maintenance
  • Label information adhered to each unit includes model, size, airflow (cfm), balancing chart, and tagging data

Installation Features

  • Rectangular discharge with slip and drive connections provides quick and easy connection to downstream ductwork
  • Compact unit casing accommodates installation in reduced ceiling plenum space
  • Factory-installed controls
  • All round collars accommodate standard spiral and flex duct sizes
  • Balancing taps provided for easy airflow verification

Standard Warranty

  • One-year parts

Factory-Installed Options

  • Control options:
    • Analog electronic controls
    • Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) VAV controls
    • Pneumatic controls
    • No controls
  • Hanger brackets
  • Liner options:
    • 1 in. thick, dual density fiberglass
    • Cellular
    • Steriliner (foil-faced duct board)
    • Sterilwall (35L; double wall)
    • Perforated double wall
    • None
  • Bottom access panel
  • 20 gage, galvanized steel casing

Field-Installed Accessories

  • Remote wall sensor
  • Supply-air temperature sensor