Airstream™ Unit Ventilator.

Airstream™ Unit Ventilator

Vertical 750 to 1,500 Cfm
Horizontal 750 to 1,500 Cfm

40UV – Vertical

40UH – Horizontal

Airstream unit ventilators meet the strict indoor air quality requirements of schools, hospitals, and institutions. The 40U units are compact, efficient, and easy to install and maintain. Units are designed to provide economic, dependable long-term performance.

Performance Features

  • Insulated outdoor air damper provides control of ventilation air and can fully open to provide free cooling
  • Double sloped condensate drain pan prevents standing water
  • Filter cleans the air before it is introduced into the room
  • Draw-thru blower arrangement distributes air across the entire coil face for uniform discharge temperatures

Reliability Features

  • Heavy-gage steel cabinet provides secure, dent-resistant protection for internal components
  • Cabinet exterior has a baked-on polyurethane-coated finish for corrosion resistance
  • Safety cutouts and interlock switches ensure safe performance
  • Efficient direct drive helps to maintain low operating costs and also reduces maintenance requirements
  • Unit listed with ETL and ETL, Canada in accordance with UL standards

Maintenance Features

  • Tamper resistant hex head panel fasteners panels and doors offer easy service access without special tools
  • Large compartments for wiring and piping simplify maintenance procedures
  • Label information adhered to each unit includes model, size, coil information, electrical information and tagging date

Installation Features

  • Factory-installed valve packages
  • Single point electrical connection

Standard Warranty

  • One-year part

Factory-Installed Options

  • ECM motors
  • DDC ready controls package for ease of field installing a controller
  • Chilled water cooling coil
  • Hot water heating coil
  • Steam heating coil
  • DX cooling coil
  • Stainless steel drain pan
  • Outdoor air/return air damper
  • Face and bypass damper
  • Decorative colors
  • Throwaway MERV 10 or MERV 13 filters
  • Double deflection discharge grille
  • Bar stock discharge grille with screen
  • Discharge duct color
  • Adapter back
  • Pipe tunnel
  • Heavy gauge exterior panel

Field-Installed Accessories

  • Spare filters
  • End panels
  • Outside air louver
  • Unit sub-base
  • Unit utility compartment
  • Cabinet filler sections