Airstream™ Stack Fan Coil.

Airstream™ Stack Fan Coil

300 to 2,000 Cfm

42SGA – Furred-in

42SHA – Cabinet

42SJA – Furred-in, Back-to-Back

42SMA – Furred-in, Mega

42SUB – Furred-in, Universal

Ideal for installation in high-rise applications, 42S fan coils combine heating and cooling performance with easy, low-cost installation. The 42S units are factory equipped with insulated supply, return, and drain risers, which allow them to be set one on top of another in a vertical column rising floor to floor up the building. Units are available in furred-in, painted cabinet, and back-to-back models. Custom colors allow the unit to blend with any interior design.

Performance Features

  • Airflow capacities from 300 to 2000 CFM
  • 2-pipe or 4-pipe system combinations
  • Economical, 3-speed fans deliver the right amount of conditioned air for comfort needs at any load
  • Optional electronically commutated motors deliver peak operating efficiency
  • Sound-absorbing insulation is used to line the cabinet
  • Outside air opening with or without adjustable damper (0 to 25%) (factory-installed option)
  • Certified performance in accordance with AHRI Standard 440

Reliability Features

  • Coils are factory leak tested at 300 psig air pressure with coil submerged in water
  • All equipment wiring complies with NEC requirements
  • Base units are ETL certified for USA and Canada standards
  • Unit casing meets UL 181 and NFPA 90A standards
  • Factory-installed supply, return, and drain risers can be furnished in type M or L copper

Maintenance Features

  • Cleanable or throwaway filters available
  • The return air panels is removable, to allow access for servicing major components
  • Tamperproof locks on access panels
  • Label information adhered to each unit includes model, size, coil information, electrical information, and tagging data
  • Condensate drain pans are available in stainless steel or heavy gage galvanized steel constructions, along withoptional condensate overflow switches

Installation Features

  • Valve packages available (factory-installed option)
  • Risers are insulated with flexible closed cell foam insulation
  • Risers include a 3 in. belled section at the top enabling the use of only one sweat connection per riser piping connection
  • Riser length can be specified to match building requirements
  • All units arrive tagged as specified by the customer for efficient delivery to the correct building location
  • Factory-installed controls
  • Single point electrical connection

Standard Warranty

  • One-year parts

Factory-Installed Options

  • 3-speed switches
  • Line voltage thermostats
  • 24 v Carrier Debonair® programmable or non-programmable thermostats
  • Product Integrated direct digital electronic controls (i-Vu® control system using BACnet protocol)
  • Chilled water cooling coils
  • Hot water or steam heating coils
  • Total or auxiliary electric heat
  • Service switches
  • Custom colors
  • Permanent or throwaway filters
  • Automatic air vent and drain on water coils
  • Double deflection discharge grilles and opposed blade dampers
  • Tell-tale drains and stainless steel drain pans
  • Condensate overflow switch
  • Dual density fiberglass, foil faced fiberglass or closed cell insulation
  • PSC, High Static PSC, or ECM motors
  • Outside air damper
  • Valve packages
  • 1-hr fire rated chase between back-to-back units
  • Stamped or louvered return air panels (shipped loose)
  • Insulated supply, return, and drain risers
  • Standard height (88 in.) or short cabinet height (79 in.) available

Field-Installed Accessories

  • Remote mounted thermostats