AERO® Indoor Air Handler.

AERO® Indoor Air Handler

1,800 to 15,000 Cfm

Carrier’s AERO 39L series air handlers are compact and fully assembled. They combine versatility with economical, dependable performance for heating, cooling, ventilation, and VAV (variable air volume) applications. Galvanized steel panels ensure structural integrity under all operating conditions. Double-walled hinged access doors also enhance structural stability and provide fast, easy access. A sloped, double-wall stainless steel drain pan controls condensate and complies with ASHRAE Standard 62. Carrier’s AHUBuilder® software makes selecting and optimizing the 39L air handler easy.

Performance Features

  • All units are shrink wrapped for complete protection during transit
  • Air-flows ranging from 1,800 to 15,000 nominal cfm
  • Horizontal and vertical draw-thru arrangements
  • Single or double wall construction
  • Belt driven, forward curved blowers
  • Chilled water, hot water, direct expansion (DX), and steam coils
  • Various coil face areas, fin densities, and circuiting arrangements
  • Electric preheat available over a wide kW range
  • Dual refrigerant circuits
  • Parallel blade dampers on mixing boxes
  • 1-1/2 lb density insulation or optional foil-faced 3 lb density insulation
  • Water and steam coil performance rated and certified; and refrigerant coil performance rated in accordance with AHRI 410
  • Fan airflow performance rated and certified in accordance with AHRI 430

Reliability Features

  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Precision-balanced fan wheels limit vibration and eliminate abnormal stress on bearings and other components
  • Internally mounted motor and belt drive package
  • Sloped, double-wall stainless steel drain pan complies with ASHRAE Standard 62
  • ETL certified

Maintenance Features

  • Double-wall hinged access panels
  • Blower housing serviceable without disconnecting ductwork
  • Rugged pillow-block bearings rated at 200,000 hours average life
  • Tool-less filter change
  • 2-in. or 4-in. flat and angled filter sections

Installation Features

  • Units may be mounted in ceilings, closets, attics, etc.
  • Ducted or free return connections
  • Field convertible discharge
  • Suspension hardware
  • Lifting brackets to facilitate unit rigging
  • Small footprint

Standard Limited Warranty

  • One-year parts only
  • Extended warranty packages available

Factory-Installed Options

  • Stainless steel condensate drain pan
  • Coil type options:
    • Chilled water coils
    • Hot water coils
    • DX coils
    • Steam coils
    • Electric heat coils
    • Copper coils
  • Coil face area, fin density, and circuiting arrangement options
  • Blower motor and belt drive package
  • Flat or angled filter section (2 in. or 4 in.)
  • Single or double wall construction
  • Horizontal or vertical arrangements
  • 1-1/2 lb density insulation or foil-faced 3 lb density insulation

Field-Installed Accessories

  • TXV (thermostatic expansion valve) packages
  • Marine light installation kit
  • Viewport installation kit
  • Filter kits
  • Suspension hardware