Activair™ Induction Beams.

Activair™ Induction Beams

60 to 1,285 Cfm (Total Airflow)

36IBA – Base Unit

36IBAC – All-Way Discharge

36IBAN – 1-Way Discharge Narrow

36IBAS – 1-Way Discharge Square

Carrier induction beam units offer:

Induction beams are extremely flexible and enhance the savings and effectiveness of primary air systems such as those using dedicated outside air. When using our induction beams, the primary air system, which includes the dedicated outside air unit and the supply and exhaust ductwork, can be sized to handle only the required ventilation air.

Performance Features

  • 11-476 Cfm primary air for ventilation
  • Low sound
  • ETL independently tested and verified
  • Two or four pipe operation
  • Provides both sensible and latent cooling with a drain pan as standard
  • Compatible with chilled water temperatures down to 42 F
  • Coil capacities up to 22,000 BTUH cooling and 56,000 BTUH heating

Reliability Features

  • No moving parts
  • No electrical components

Maintenance Features

  • Hinged bottom panel provides easy access for cleaning

Installation Features

  • No electrical connections required
  • Smaller duct requirements
  • Flush mount unit is designed for standard 2’x4’ drop ceiling

Standard Warranty

  • One-Year parts

Factory-Installed Options

  • Induction nozzles available in various sizes to match capacity requirements
  • Various grille types and optional colors available
  • Hot water heating coil available
  • Exterior unit insulation is available for applications with low temperature primary air or chilled water
  • Height extension collars available to facilitate gravity drainage from the drain pan

Field-Installed Accessories

  • Washable or disposable filters
  • Drain pan accessories, including float safety switches, traps or plugs