48-Channel Power Meter.

48-Channel Power Meter

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The NSA-PS48HD-C-D-N 48 Channel Power Meter was designed to be one of the safest and most flexible power meters on the market today since it can monitor up to 16 three phase or 48 single phase circuits from a single voltage reference or two voltage references simultaneously. All four Modbus and BACnet Serial/Ethernet communication protocols are included in a single meter reducing the number of SKUs required. Unlike other power meters, the NSA-PS48HD-C-D-N can be easily paired with any DENT Standard or Revenue Grade CTs with an mV output to monitor operating currents from 0.25 to 4000 Amps.


Energy and Demand Metering, Data Centers, Bi-Directional Metering, Load Surveys, LEED/Green Projects, Real Time Power Monitoring in Commercial, Retail and Industrial Environments